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Barter Membership

Barter Membership

Joining our barter membership with an annual fee of $19.99, you can open your virtual store on our website!

The barter is a lifestyle that promotes frugality, and we create a mutually beneficial trading platform among students in the form of online bartering. Students can exchange their unused things and/or their specialty services with the auction feature in this platform. We aim to develop an online community that promotes cross cultural understandings and communication via this barter trading platform, and at the same time to foster students a better financial management by recycling their items, ideas and specialties. Students would also improve their bargaining skills during the negotiation process with world-wide people.

Note: the membership is effective within one year, this is the only fee that we charge. After that, you can open your store in our website. We don’t include your shipment or trading disputes. 

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Duration: 1 year
Price: $19.00