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High school courses and GED exam prep courses (Get accredited high school diploma & earn scholarship)

The GED, General Educational Diploma, is for those without a High School Diploma. The GED high school credential is accepted by more than 95% of U.S. employers, colleges and universities. Passing the GED Tests can mean a better job, further training or a pathway to higher education. 

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Basic Chinese courses, AP Chinese (We are College Board online provider, earn scholarship)

For those who want to save money in college and learn basic Chinese, our AP Chinese courses package is perfect for you. You can easily earn scholarship and learn our courses free.

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Study in China, learn HSK courses (Guide you to apply for Chinese universities, exchange students)

This project aims to students who want to study in China. We provide HSK courses and HSK exam. We offer Chinese study tour for those students who want to study in China. 

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Study in USA (Study in California State University, San Bernardino, other universities are also available)


Chinese tours, field trips. (Include travel, study tour, cultural summer camp, etc.)


Internship in China, Internship in USA (Make money, short-term living in the United States or China)


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