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Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States and Canada created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations.

Advanced Placement online classes at WCLI are intended for the very, well-prepared and highly motivated student. Inborn intelligence is not the primary ingredient for success at these classes. Far more important is a higher level of initiative, personal discipline, time management skills, academic maturity and collaborative learning. If grades are essential to you, please make ready for taking an Advanced Placement class here before enrolling in.

AP是Advanced Placement的缩写,中文一般翻译为美国大学先修课程。指由美国大学理事会(The College Board)提供的在高中授课的大学课程。高中生可以选修这些课程,在完成课业后参加AP考试,得到一定的成绩后可以获得大学学分。

AP课程一览 / AP Courses

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  • AP课程完全符合美国一流名校的招生理念和选材思维模式。
  • 平均每门AP课程成绩可增加GPA(美国名校录取学生的重要考虑因素)分值0.1分。
  • 在美国,获取一个名校的大学学分约需要1000美元,一门AP课程约可抵3-6个大学学分,所以学习一门AP课程都相当于节省3000-6000美元。
  • 我们熟知美国教育体制,可以编出符合要求的课程,提高学生AP考试通过率。
  • 我们目前已有6门AP课程通过美国大学理事会审核,是美国大学理事会的在线课程供应商。
  • 我们是加州大学河滨分校、加州州立大学圣贝迪诺分校的合作伙伴,上6 门AP 网课並且取得3分以上成绩,在加州州立大学的学习时间约可减少1学年,节省20 万人民币。



▲ 8门AP课程通过美国大学理事会审核 / Our 8 AP courses approved by the College Board


▲ 加州州立大学授权证书 / Certificate of authorization from California State University

我们提供的AP课程 / Our AP courses



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