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Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

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Get information about our courses.

Paid courses are in this website: http://nevada.worldedu.us/login/index.php

Note: there will be a teacher to teach you, and help you promote learning and correct your homework.

Here is an example of how to sign up for a paid course:

1. First, you need to register as a website user

(http://nevada.worldedu.us/login/index.php), then choose a course and click it.

See the following example:

Accounting2. It will jump out of the paid page, click on the button in the circle to pay.


3. After your payment, return to the website, you will see the message shows below:


 Thank you for your payment! Unfortunately your payment has not yet been fully processed, and you are not yet registered to enter the course “ Accounting”. Please try continuing to the course in a seconds. But if you continue to have trouble then please alert the teacher or the site administrator. 

4. If you click "Continue" button, it shows “You can not enrol yourself in this course.” Just go back to the home page, click this course again, you can enter this course and start your learning. If you have any problem, you can contact our email: support@worldedu.us.


Bartering in our E-market.

E-market is a place where you can sell what you want, including some second-hand products, learning materials, homework and so on. Such as Halloween carved pumpkin, do not throw away, you can sell on our website.

Before you join E-market you need to register as a website user——Register

We only charge $19 for your joining, when you sell products on our website, your income will be remitted to your paypal account every month. Remember to fill your paypal information.

We will guide you how to register as our vendor, check this article.

We do not allow vendors to sell something products about illegal, pornographic or violent. Our website administrator has the right to delete your illegal products and your account.

We recommend you to upload the size of the product image is 700*900. So it will show nicely.

Get information about our Online shop.

We join the Amazon affiliate program. 


For the product with "bundled" sign, you will receive our bundled item (such as an e-book, an online tutoring service, etc.) after you complete the related Amazon's purchase through the link in this product's description.

That is, you will have to finish two orders, one at our online store and the other at Amazon Website.

How to do it?

First, add this product to your cart and check it out, which is free at our online store.

Second, after your free payment, check your order at Customer Center and buy the related Amazon's item through the image link which will bring you to Amazon Website. Only when the entire two-stage purchase process is completed, we will send you our bundled item via e-mail with the instructions to get it.

Any questions? Our e-mail: support@worldedu.us.

How to apply for a visa to China.

1.Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America


2.The Consulate General of The People's Republic of China in Los Angeles


3.Consulate General of The People's Republic of China in Chicago


4.Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York


5.Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco


6.Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston


How to start one to one tutoring service.

1.Register — Sign in — Click ”One-One Tutoring”



2.After you click “One-One Tutoring”, you can see two courses. Then click “Make an Appointment” and enter class.


3. Jump to the user page— Fill in the information


4. After you fill in the information, click “Enrol me”.


5. Waiting for the administrator to confirm.

6. Receive the confirmation email — Enter “Make an Appointment”.


7. Click “Make an Appointment”.


8. Select date and time periods— Click ”Book slot”.


9. The following picture means a successful appointment.


10. After successful appointment, the teacher will contact you. You can sign in to view new messages.


11. Click the message — A dialog box appears — Then you can ask the teacher questions.


12. Please enter ”One-One Tutoring Room” 20 minutes early.


13. Click “One-One Tutoring Room”— Enter Online classroom


14. Click “Enter room”


15. Click “allow”, allow your camera and microphone.


16. Request to join— The teacher agrees — Enter Online classroom.


17. Say hello to your teacherafter you enter the online classroom. Then work with your teacher to determine the content of your One-One Tutoring. Pay by the link sent by the teacher after the content is determined.


18. Successful payment— Tutoring will begin.

19. The teacher will remind you to fill in the opinion survey at the end of the course.

20. Exit online classroom — Click “Tutoring Satisfaction Survey”— Leave your opinion or suggestion.