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World Cultures and Languages Institute (WCLI) offers Advanced Placement courses recognized by College Board as an AP Online Provider (Code: 598) and maintains all AP courses by passing AP Audit in each academic year. We are also one of the Distance Education Program course providers, approved by the Department of Education, Nevada. With a global vision and an aggressive entrepreneurial focus in developing joint educational programs between Asia and USA, WCLI supports young students and professionals to begin or continue a learning journey at high schools, colleges, universities on-ground or online in the USA. Our mission is to provide the best possible online learning experience and to support people's lifelong learning with the goal to create a versatile life by acquiring useful knowledge, practical skills, and field studies worldwide.


We enrich lives, create futures, and are making online learning better every day!

At WCLI learners can attend various free classes with each class focuses on certain unique features and practical skills. Our courses have no scheduled class times, so students can enjoy them entirely on their schedule and make friends who have similar interests in the online community on our Website. At the end of each term, we further provide students with the opportunities to attend hands-on workshops which are specially designed for learners to create a professional product or service for their use or to sell it at our online store. This type of workshop also offers students a field trip to visit the relating industries and to enhance their learning.

With the rigorous AP courses, accredited courses for high school and college students, preparation courses for taking HSK Chinese proficiency test and GED exam, industrial certificate programs, an online community with E-commerce features and real-world applications, students will achieve their academic goals at WCLI and further become lifelong learners at WCLI online community -

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