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World Cultures and Languages Institute, Inc., registered at Nevada, USA on August 7, 2008, is an online school offering   courses in Chinese culture and language at, culinary art, healthcare management, finance and marketing at WCLI develops highly regarded four-year bachelor degree vocational   programs, as well as workshop and internship programs.Dr. Edward

Our mission is to provide the best possible online learning experience and to support people's lifelong learning with the goal to create a versatile life by learning useful knowledge, practical skills, and field study world wise in hospitality industry and healthcare management. With a global curriculum and an aggressive entrepreneurial highlight of applying Artificial Intelligence in online learning practices, WCLI supports novices and professionals to begin or continue a wide range of hospitality and healthcare careers, including starting their own businesses.

At WCLI learners can attend various free classes with each class focuses on certain unique features and practical skills. Our courses have no scheduled class times, so students can enjoy them entirely on their own schedule and make friends who have similar interests at our online community at sites. In addition, we provide students with hand-on workshop which is especially designed for the class to create a professional product or service for their personal use or selling it at our online store. This type of workshop also offers students a local tour to visit the relating industries and to enhance their learning.

With the online community, skills earned, and real products/services, students may also advertise themselves with their works or professional services at for seeking employment opportunities or establishing their businesses by offering or taking projects in the global markets.

We are in partnering with College Board, Home School Legal Defense Association, California State University, San Bernardino, Nevada Charter School Association, and GoDaddy Inc. to offer higher-quality online courses with a delightful learning experience for learners at our virtual environment.

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