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As our lifestyle improves, our health also improves, and we experience less disease and sickness. When most people are asked what it means to be healthy, they normally respond with the four components of fitness mentioned earlier (cardiorespiratory ability, muscular ability, flexibility, and body composition). Although these components are a critical part of being healthy, they are not the only contributing factors. Physical health is only one aspect of our overall health.

It's a colorful activity in China. This activity is about the personal experiential travel of wellness, Chinese healthy dietary culture, Taiji Quan learning, Chinese acupuncture and cupping. If you take part in the activity, you will learn a lot of interesting Chinese culture, and the activity can bring you healthy life.

It is difficult to think of an area of modern life that has not been touched by ceramics. Our homes are made from brick walls, held together by cement made from calcium silicates, and glass windows, also made from silica. Inside, the walls are plastered with ceramic gypsum, porcelain bathrooms are decorated with tiles made of clay and talc, and kitchens stacked with pottery and glass have decorative ceramic floor tiles. Clay pipes link our homes to the sewage system and ceramic insulators are essential in connecting them to the electricity grid. Back inside the house, that electricity flows through television sets that contain more ceramic insulators, components such as capacitors and resistors made from ceramics, computers based on silicon chips, magnetic ceramics used in the electric motors of appliances such as vacuum cleaners and food blenders, and piezoelectric ceramics used in tiny headphones and loudspeakers. Telephone calls and cable television signals may be piped to the home through glass fibers, while other kinds of glass fibers keep heat inside the walls and the roof. That heat may itself be provided by a heated ceramic filament, just as lighting comes from glass bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

Do you want to take a program with us? Come to Jingdezhen, China and experience the fun of making ceramics. Pursue your creative side with group programs and activities for all ages. Improve your skills or break out of your comfort zone and try new things. You can not only get beautiful ceramics, but also get an excellent opportunity for self-improvement. So hurry up it! We are wating for you!

Sichuan is well known for its spicy cuisine and use of Sichuan peppers due to its more arid climate. The Sichuanese are proud of their cuisine, known as one of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine. The cuisine here is of "one dish, one shape, hundreds of dishes, hundreds of tastes", as the saying goes, to describe its acclaimed diversity. The most prominent traits of Sichuanese cuisine are described by four words: spicy, hot, fresh and fragrant.

Do you want to join us? Come to Sichuan, China and experience the fun of gourmet. Pursue your creative side with group programs and activities for all ages. Improve your skills or break out of your comfort zone and try new things. You can not only eat delicious food, but also get an excellent opportunity for cooking. So hurry up it! We are wating for you!

You will know six Chinese schools after this course, including their history, characteristics and some other information. We will help you learn Chinese and pass the HSK test. You can check our special activities at the last chapter.

WCLI invites you to join us as we travel to Taiwan for an exciting and educational study tour. If you've been wanting to enrich yourself in the Chinese culture, or simply want to learn the language first hand, this study tour is the perfect opportunity for you.


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I'm so lucky to take these courses! They are really helpful, and I've got a 4 in the AP test... I also learned a lot about Chinese culture... I want to take more Chinese courses here! Hope you guys provide more!

David Lucas - Student

I learned AP Chinese here since last year. As a ABC, I thought it's quite helpful for me to pass AP Chinese exam. I must mention Chinese essay revision, the teacher explained my mistakes in detail... Awesome!

Mary Evans - Student